A Saturated Market

I have always absolutely loved documenting things. I suppose it could be said that it’s simply human nature, because after all, what are we without our memories? For as long as I can remember, I dedicated many hours to writing diary entries about my run of the mill days, which often included bizarre streams of consciousness and rants about pretty much anything an angsty teenager would make their concern. I guess I have always been quite conscious of the fact that the mind is a fickle thing, and that we have the tendency to forget some of our most cherished thoughts and memories, so jotting things down and reflecting on them years later became quite the addiction. As soon as I was allowed a phone that had the capacity to take pictures that didn’t look like it was taken on a potato, I dropped the writing and started taking photos of everything, and I mean everything. When the world was blessed with Instagram, things  changed quite drastically. Not only could I take photos, but I could collate the best ones onto a feed that would effectively be the ‘best bits’ of my photo library, highlighting the most exciting events or holidays I had going on, or simply putting out aesthetically pleasing content for others to enjoy. It was great, until just last week I caught myself scrolling through the thousands of photos of my phone and thinking, “Wow, I don’t even remember going to that museum” and “When the hell did I try that gorgeous looking lobster roll?” Instagram, though a great platform to display pictures of beautiful food and holiday snaps, didn’t solve the problem of documenting the highlights of my life, if anything it didn’t do it enough justice.

It’s now 2020, and I’ve surprisingly made it to adulthood. My life has settled in that I graduated from the trauma that was university and have a stable job I enjoy at a FTSE50 company. I live in a lovely home with my boyfriend and I now have time on my hands to do the things that I have always wanted to. For a long time I didn’t really know what that was since the average millennial’s favourite pastime is often mindlessly scrolling through social media (which I have done too much of – what, I like memes okay?), but I think I finally know. I love writing. When I can write about things that interest me, I feel most content: it has honestly become therapeutic in ways I could not imagine, and my God do I need some therapy after the life I have lived. But since I also love taking photos and curating them alongside my writing, as well as being able to share what I’ve written or captured with the people in my life, it makes sense that the natural course of progression is to start blogging.

I know it’s very late in the game to join the world of blogging and I must admit I have tried to in the past, but due to my general lack of effort towards pursuing passions other than eating, binge-watching shows and travelling, most of my ambitious projects had embarrassingly fallen through. But this time, I feel like it’s a little different.

Most bloggers will tell you that you need a niche to stand out in a saturated market, but I’m not really in this to stand out and change the world. I’m in this first and foremost to document things and have another small space in the world that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, where I can look back and think, “Damn, look at all the cool shit I did.” Secondly, I want people to benefit from my many experiences. I have travelled so much of the world, been to so many restaurants, tried hundreds, if not thousands, of beauty products and spent years killing plants and finally figuring out how to keep them alive and for what? Of course, I am grateful for every moment I have been given to enjoy the pleasures this world has to offer, but wouldn’t it be nice to share all that information so that it can provide others with inspiration, entertainment and knowledge?

I thought it might be, and so that’s why I created ‘Over to Aila,’ so, you know, you can go over to Aila’s and read some stuff. Hm, that was a bit cringe. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this, and I’m going to make sure this project doesn’t fall through. Besides, it can’t. I already paid for the domain.

Check out my first restaurant review at https://overtoaila.com/2020/01/09/the-best-sushi-spot-in-london-oka-kingly-court/ 🙂

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