The Best Sushi Spot in London: Oka, Kingly Court

I have been relatively addicted to sushi since my aunt introduced it to me at the youthful age of 10, and although the alarming mercury content of salmon put me off for a while, I still can’t resist a sushi meal at least once or twice a month. I spent a lot of my adolescence gravitating towards the famous high street chain, Wasabi, and failing its presence, its inferior counterpart Itsu, purely on the basis that it was convenient, cheap and surprisingly tasty. However, needless to say, the cheaper boxed alternatives don’t quite hit the spot like a good quality Japanese restaurant does, and when I discovered Oka at Kingly Court in Central London, I could never go back to Wasabi without feeling like I was being cheated.

Firstly, I would absolutely recommend you try the Salmon Nigiri (£3.50). The portion of fish atop the rice is incredibly generous, with a ratio of almost 2:1, and will leave you wondering whether or not to sack off the entire menu and just buy 10 more rounds of nigiri. Following that with some Salmon Hosomaki (£5.25), which is again full to the brim with the good stuff, will leave you ready for the pièce de résistance, the Red Dragon Roll (£11.95). Topped with spicy mayo and tuna tartare, this panko prawn roll will steal your soul and send you to heaven. One of the reasons I keep going back to this restaurant is simply because of this little beauty – which you can see a snapshot of in the instastory below – alongside, of course, the gorgeously crispy but overpriced Karaage Chicken (£8.25) and a confused boyfriend (came free in a cereal box).

The beautiful feature image of this post is of the Mixed Sashimi (£13.95) which is a brilliant choice if you’re feeling a little spenny. Including salmon, tuna and yellow tail, it’s a great option if you want to keep things light by shying away from carbs. However, despite being a scrumptious option, I would say that it isn’t completely worth the price tag when there are some excellent, and more filling, rolls with better flavour profiles on offer at the £8 – £10 price mark.

Sadly, I didn’t have much room for dessert after all that food, but peeking over at my neighbouring tables made me realise I’d have to go back and eat a little less sushi in order to try what looked like the gooiest hot cookie dough I have ever seen.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable sushi spot in London that isn’t going to leave you homeless (ehem – Sticks’n’Sushi), definitely give Oka a shot if you haven’t already. With decent prices and a very adorable ambience, it’s perfect for a casual catch up with friends or an intimate date. Located in the heart of London with branches in Primrose Hill, Chelsea, Barnes and Marylebone, you really have no excuse not to pop in. And hey, in the bitter end, if your company fails you, at least you’ll have fond memories of melt in the mouth fish to keep you going.

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